Throw me down

a well


We are Throw me down a well

     Based out of the Bay Area, California TMDAW is...


    Guitar/Justin Norton       Bass Guitar/Dylan Collins      Drums/Peter Nickell        Keyboard/Kathryn Kellogg

News & Updates

Welcome to the new throwmedownawell.com 

We are very excited to release all of our content on this new platform!

check back in for new music, podcasts, tour dates and other projects we have in the works.

In the meantime feel free to scope out all the content we have already that you may or may not have seen.

We have a few CD's, free to listen to, as well as some videos of live performances on our youtube page. You can find links to these at the top of the page on the navigation bar.






Ganjatron Live

                                          The Haven - Orlando, Florida


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