Peter Nickell

Hey, this is Peter.

If you don't know me yet I'll give a little background on my music, myself, and why I do the things I do. 


I started working with Justin and Dylan back when we were attending R.W. Traip Academy in our humble days as high school students (This was back in '01). We got together, and it sort of just happened, the music was born. We called ourselves 'Bloody Bongo Knuckles'. On account of the bongos being featured as percussion in most of our songs, and whenever I played, it proved to be far too furious. I'd cut my damned knuckle and bleed on the drumhead (we still got the bongos, blood and all). Our hits included such wonders as 'Overstated Underrated', and 'Changing Routines'. These were truly the wonder years.

 Justin had recently acquired a guitar and Dylan was his virtuoso self. I wanted to sing in a punk band, and I had been writing lyrics down for if I would someday happen to need them. That decision proved to be a fortuitous one because when the three of us got together everything seemed to click, and our energy and budding enthusiasms carried us into higher realms of creation.

Dylan Collins

   You find yourself walking down a street at night. You venture past lamp post lined cross-streets dripping with fog and head down a dark alley.

A man leaning against the wall coughs but you barely notice. What started as a shifting hum has grown louder at your approach. There is something foreboding about it but you can't pull away as its beauty expands and compounds like a stormy tide. A muffled crescendo brings you to a set of black iron doors. A security guard says "Um, ders a five dolla' cover charge" You throw your wallet at him and slide in the door. 

 Colors of every spectrum greet your eyes as the lights slide back and forth over a darkened audience dancing enthrallicly. The bartender slides you a beer smiles at you and says something like "Enjoy the show" but what you hear is "I Gotta go.". Shrugging it off, you turn. Your ears bombarded by stories of past, present, and future. Bringing every emotion through in a retrocycling waven.  

Into the crowd you venture, past what looks to be a Mustelidae Lutrinae. The otter guy grins and says "This is awesome!!" and raises his glass. You hear "Want some possum!?" return the gesture and hurriedly descending further into the masses. Suddenly, a man dancing like he's fighting with bees, blocks the way. You swerve around him, surprisingly conscious of all the faces peering upward.

Following their gaze you see a man in a top hat spinning tasty licks on a 4 string bass. The riffs crash into the sounds of drums and guitar all colliding seamlessly to make a realm ripping cacophony of ear-loving bliss. The sound stops, turns around and then begins again with all haste. A fat phat fatty fat pick clips on string in an upstroke and flies in your direction. Bouncing off one hand and whacked by "bee man" it careens right into your grasp. You and the bassist lock eyes. He mouths "Hey" but because of the mad slap down he is laying on the strings you hear "Keep it" and put it in your pocket. He shrugs while in mid upstroke and grabs Thinnilese a metallic pick from a triangular chamber of holding below the knobs and carries on relocating the crowd through space and time.  

  That man might be me, Dylan Michael Collins. Then again it could all just be a dream of the show you are going to tomorrow night. 



Justin Norton

  I was raised in a small town in Maine.  I picked up the guitar at two it was a little red one child size and probably more of a six string uke to be honest.  I remember listening to my parents records and playing along.  I've loved music and all forms of art from a very small age. After graduating highschool I joined the airforce.  Even in the airforce I couldn't get away from my calling as an artist.  I had a rock band that played in California, called Cobra Kai and after serving I went to college and joined up with three life long friends to make music and continue our pursuits as artists.  All three of us wound up at the Pennsylvannia Renaissance Faire.  We created an accoustic band known as Peasant Band which plays Irish and Renaissance music. We moved out to the bay area and setup shop in Vallejo. We have played a couple of shows out here and are building up our fan base.

 I picked up drumming and joined another band "Suits of Steel" as I continue to rock out with the dudes and create rock and roll together. Throw Me Down A Well is a collection of musicians, some have come and gone but at least we still got the jams.


2006, Florida

That's our buddy Ben in the back